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Discover how to increase your impact, influence and income.

Business Of
Speaking School

The BOSS18 program starts September 25, 2018

with Hugh Culver

 A unique live training program for anyone who wants to get paid to speak.

BOSS18 is designed by speakers for speakers.

BOSS18 is all about the Business of Speaking. Period.

I am packing in 20 years of building a million dollar speaking business into 5 fast-track weeks.

This is the fluff-free school for experts who want to speak professionally.

Ready to Increase Your Impact, Influence and Income?

Most speakers attend the school of hard knocks to grow their business. It’s long and painful.

They start by speaking in churches and schools.

This goes on for too long—they’re not improving and their income isn’t growing.

Eventually, they might get invited onto the main stage. They love it and they want more.

So they start chasing more bookings, wasting money on impulse marketing—waiting for the phone to ring.

I want you to think like a business owner. Yes, I want you to be on stage and rocking the audience, but you’re much more than that.

I want you to be thinking long-term about your ideal audience, increasing fees, selling products, and having services that create deeper impact and generate more income. You deserve that.

If you're serious about building a smart business, one you can be proud of and one that attracts higher fees, more bookings and passive income, you need to learn from someone who's done it.

It’s why I created BOSS18.

If you have a story worth sharing, lessons worth teaching, and insights that inspire others, BOSS18 will show you how to find the market ready to pay for your solutions.

“It already has helped me grow my business by asking for a speaking fee I would not have dared to asked before doing BOSS”

- Clare Edwards
Clare Edwards
Suzannah Baum

“You shared so much of your 'toolbox' in so many areas, and it was hugely appreciated.”

- Suzannah Baum


Limited-time offer!

EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT - Sign up before Sept 13 to receive $200 off. Just enter the promo code 'EarlybirdBOSS' and enjoy full access to the program for only $797.

BOS Alumni and BOS Community Offer

Are you a BOSS graduate or BOS Community member?
If so, how about a refresher (kick in the motivation) to get you back on track and making great things happen?

As alumni, you’re invited to join me for $297 (85% off). Email me to get the promo code with the subject line “I want a kick in the motivation"



$1,997 CAD $997
  • EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT - Sign up before Sept 13 to receive $200 off (60% off). Just enter the promo code 'EarlybirdBOSS'
  • full access to the updated 5 week BOSS program
  • access to full program recordings and content for 1 year
  • complete 26 video recordings of BOSS17
  • optional 3 part payment plan
  • Q&A access with Hugh for the duration of the program

Why You Should Attend the Business Of Speaking School

Income: increase your revenues faster and build multiple revenue sources sooner.

TIME: Avoid years of frustration with a multi-year plan that builds on your core strengths.

CONNECTION: join a community of speakers, ready to support you with connections, advice, and support.

DIRECTION: using proven methodology, narrow your core solutions to identified market needs.

PASSIVE INCOME: create products that leverage your expertise and match your natural delivery style.

TOOLS: save hours of wasted time with proven apps, templates, check-lists, scripts and opt-in forms.

The Business Of Speaking School
5-Week Fast-Track Course

The BOSS18 program starts September 25, 2018

When I started my speaking career I couldn’t get on the big stages.

I had no experience, no “sizzle” video and zero names on my list of clients.


That’s when I discovered a little known market that hires speakers year-round.

I’m not talking one-time, thank-you-very-much type clients—

this market is always hiring speakers.

I call it the “Side Street” market.

You see, “Main Street” is where all the traffic is…

it’s also where all of your competition is.

That’s what my new Business Of Speaking School (BOSS18) program is all about.

Getting on stage -

and getting paid.

I will walk you through the exact step-by-step process I used to build my million dollar speaking business:

>> how to tap into the lucrative Side Street market,

>> how to get referrals from any audience,

>> the trick to creating content that gets you bookings, and

>> how to stop procrastinating and build a real business.

Let’s get started.

Deb Connors

“Hugh is right on top of exactly what you need to do in terms of marketing yourself as a speaker.”

- Deb Connors

Increase your Impact Income and Influence

Welcome to the BOSS Program

Here's what you will learn and discover:


I don't want this to be another course you invest in but never complete. That's why this year BOSS is the fast-track version and focussed even more tightly at getting you paid and on stage.


Learn how to accelerate your business growth by developing a network of raving fans and how to turn delegates into referrals.

Discover 10X’s more speaking opportunities than you ever knew existed and 7 ways to make your speech description sexier and selling better.


Content Marketing works and is hard work. Discover mistakes to avoid and shortcuts to publishing regular content your followers will love. I'll also show you how to turn your content into products and create passive income.


Now that you’ve got the booking you need to stand out and WOW your audience. Learn 5 ways to get any audience leaning in and a bullet-proof way to always get referrals. 


Learn why you need to introduce products for your audience and your income. Discover the trick to turning content you've already created into valuable products that add to your bottom line. You might be surprised at how easy and profitable this can be.


The best way to build a strong business is to design it to grow. Learn how to design systems ready for outsourcing, find freelance talent and practice essential daily habits for getting the work done.

circle - Suzanne Sherkin

"It's the 'what do I actually do' stuff that has been the most valuable for me."

- Suzanne Sherkin

“If you’re looking for mentor - you can’t do better than Hugh Culver”

- Tad Davis

Hugh Culver

After 12 years as a popular keynote speaker and seminar leader for clients like: Nortel, Shoppers Drug Mart, Food Services America, and Telus, Hugh was burnt out. He was speaking over 100 times per year, had the big office, staff, and a big income - but didn’t feel successful.
In desperation, he shut down his business and started again.
In the following year he dropped his paid bookings by half, took three months vacation, doubled his net income, published a book, and trained for (and won) the world’s longest endurance race.

Most importantly, Hugh was finally walking his talk. Instead of just talking about success, he'd become a student of success - his business was growing, he had passive income, and his clients wanted more.

More about Hugh

  • co-founder of the world’s most exclusive tourism company (in Antarctica)
  • author of national best-seller, Give Me a Break – the art of making time work for you
  • Ironman athlete, endurance runner, mountain climber, demonstration skier, past nationally ranked whitewater kayaker, outrigger and surfski competitor
  • MBA, Certified Speaking Professional (one of 50 in Canada), past-national board member of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Certified Facilitation Professional (one of 80 in Canada)

“I liked how you taught us the little things you can do and you practiced that in your presentation today.”

— Roy Martin, Regional VP, PepsiCo Foods Canada

“I particularly liked the way your message focused on a few simple things we can change that will have an impact in our complex and busy world!”

— Paul Gardner, VP Human Resources, SUNCOR Energy

“The last presentation I did I had dozens of people tell me it was the best one out of 50+ speakers, I owe that to Hugh's guidance.”

— Melonie Dodaro, Speaker, Founder of Top Dog Social Media

“I know with Hugh’s strategies, experience, and insights I can launch my speaking career to the next level.”

— Tommy Europe, celebrity, founder SHRED Bootcamp


100-guarantee(no one has ever taken me up on this guarantee, but I'm leaving it here just because the logo looks so boss.) I want you to be fully satisfied that the BOSS program has exceeded your expectations. Full refunds up to one month prior to start of course are available on request. During the first two weeks of this program, if you do not believe this program has delivered on all of its promises and you have done all of the work requested of the faculty, please send evidence of your work to receive a full refund on your investment.


“I grew my speaking business by 240%. If you're thinking about BOSS17 - go for it!"

— Zaheen Nanji


When does BOSS start?

This is very likely the LAST time (I keep saying that, but I really, really mean it this time) I will be putting all of this content together and offering it as a paid program.

What if I have questions not answered in the Classroom?

I will personally be answering all questions I can during our live calls or by email.

What is included in BOSS?

My time.

Brand new content. I will never repurpose out of date garbage that does you no good. Everything in BOSS18 is fresh, state-of-the art, paint-still-wet and ready to go!

Recordings of all content. We still have students two years later telling us they are referring to my videos. You get them all.

Access to me. My coaching fees begin at $6,000. During the 5 week BOSS program you get me for free.

Homework. I used to assign homework. That made me happy, but nobody did it. This year it's on you. If you think what I'm teaching is gold, it's completely up to you to do the work.

How did you set the price for BOSS?

Something to do with Mars and Venus aligning and the tide table.

What if I am unavailable for some dates?

No worries. All course material will be stored for you in the BOSS online student library.

How long will I have access to this material?

All of the BOSS program material will be available for 12 months from the start of the program. We limit availability simply because we want to make all this sound really important(!)

What if I can’t afford the program?

Email me.

Am I the right fit for BOSS?

If you want to get paid to speak, lead workshops, host retreats or facilitate planning sessions, I can help. I have spent over 20 years do all of that and earning millions doing it.

Can I share this course, or can anyone attend in my place?


How many students will attend BOSS?

Thousands! Just kidding - less than one thousand.

Will BOSS be offered again?

The more time I spend updating this web page the more I'm thinking, no.

Register Today!



$1,997 CAD $997
  • EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT - Sign up before Sept 13 to receive $200 off (60% off). Just enter the promo code 'EarlybirdBOSS'
  • full access to the updated 5 week BOSS program
  • access to full program recordings and content for 1 year
  • complete 26 video recordings of BOSS17
  • optional 3 part payment plan
  • Q&A access with Hugh for the duration of the program


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